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Allusion and Interpretation: Reading the Iliad in English


This course will lead students in a guided reading of Homer’s epic poem in English translation.

Course duration: 10 weeks, on Mondays at 19:00-20:00 (UK time) from 10th January 2022.

Course Full!


The Iliad is typically cited as the first work of Western literature, one of the most influential poems in human history and the beginning of a long tradition. While this formulation accurately conveys the Iliad’s central inspirational function, the epic also marks the end of a long tradition of oral storytelling. In this sense, the Iliad is both alpha and omega.

Reading two-three books per week in translation (Anthony Verity’s recommended), we will explore the Iliad from both perspectives, its coded meanings and messages within its time and its appeal across time.

This ten-week course is conducted via Zoom and will take place on Mondays at 19:00-20:00 (UK time), on 10th January, 17th January (N.B. there will be no class on 24th January), 31st January, 7th February, 14th February, 21st February, 28th February, 7th March, 14th March, and 21st March 2022.

Fee: £70. Tutor: Dr Eirene Allen.


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