Classical Greek GCSE preparation classes


H.M. Classics Academy is offering GCSE preparation for students who wish to sit the examination in Classical Greek. Students are not required to have any prior knowledge of Greek. The course will last for two years and students will be prepared for GCSE examinations in May/June 2024.

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The GCSE qualification is the examination which secondary school students usually sit at the age of 16. It is offered in Northern Ireland, Wales and England. The GCSE qualification in Latin or Classical Greek is awarded after successful completion of three examinations: one on language, and one each on two extracts from Classical Greek literature. In the literature examinations, candidates answer questions in English on aspects of content and analylse, evaluate and respond to the set text. Examinations usually take place in May and June.

Participants will study Classical Greek grammar using Greek to GCSE by John Taylor. These textbooks contain texts and stories which build knowledge and understanding of Classical Greek vocabulary, accidence and syntax.

Set texts for 2024 will be chosen by the tutor from the OCR prescriptions. In Greek these are Herodotus Histories, Plato Phaedo (the death of Socrates), Homer Odyssey book 7, and Euripides Bacchae and each set text is approximately 100 lines in length. 

Students of the Classical Greek GCSE will develop their knowledge of vocabulary, morphology and syntax in order to read, understand and interpret the chosen set texts. They will be able to select, analyse and evaluate evidence to demonstrate their understanding of the historical, literary and cultural context of a text. Participants develop insights into the relevance of ancient literature and civilisation to our understanding of our modern world of diverse cultures. Knowledge of Classical Greek will deepen students’ understanding of English and other languages.

H.M. Classics Academy is offering tuition over two academic years to prepare students of any age (over 14) to sit the GCSE examination in May/June 2024. Students are not required to have any prior knowledge of Greek.

Classes will meet weekly on Sundays at 18:00-20:00 (UK local time). The autumn term will begin on Sunday 18th September for 12 weeks (no class on 30th October); the winter/spring term will begin on Sunday 15th January for 10 weeks (no class on 19th February), and the summer term will begin on Sunday 16th April for 10 weeks (no class on 28th May).

These classes are open to students of any age (over 14) and students may enrol for one or both languages. In the academic year 2022-23, there will be 32 weeks of classes. The cost to enrol for a GCSE class for the first year of tuition, September 2022 – June 2023, is £520. Payment can be made in instalments via Paypal, or in full by bank transfer.

Please note, we are not an examination centre and it will be your responsibility to make your own arrangements to sit the examination. We will of course give every assistance we can to find a suitable centre for candidates.


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