3 thoughts on “Why learn Ancient Greek?

  1. Hi Helen
    Surprisingly I’m quite busy at present working on my Latin for A Level for summer 2021, but I would love at some point to take my Greek further (it’s about O Level standard).
    Please would you put me on your distribution list even though I’m unable to do any Greek at present.

    Best wishes
    Allan Brown

  2. Whilst I always scored well at school, I found my self being perpetually bored and never doing any work. When I started Classical Civilisation at A-Level this all changed. I was extremely interested in the content, and I put scored my other courses by almost 20%. I then went on to study Classics at University, where my love for the Greek world continued to grow, and I now hope to apply for a Masters degree in the coming year to study the Greek world further and to hopefully create a career out of this passion.

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